Rail Trail Bridge

Installed 3/31/2012
The first section of the bridge arrives the afternoon of 10/11/2011On 10/18/2011, the second of the three bridge sections having arrived, the first two pieces are fitted together.Its 10/20/2011 and the third piece of the main bridge structure is united to the first two sections.By 2/5/2012, the bridge is nearly completely assembledAnother view of the bridge on 2/5/2012Also taken on 2/5/2012, an inside view.The gap waites the arrival of the bridge - 2/5/2012The bridge ihas a nice metal roof and gutters.The middle of March saw the bridge sprot a set of wheels - this is the front set.This dual set of wheels are under the west end of the bridge.The power unit for the drive wheels is loaded onto the bridge The bridge begins its journey down Center Street around noon on 3/30/2012The bridge sits at the junction of Center Street and Route 316.  Route 316 could not be shut down until 6pm 3/30/2012At 6pm, 3/30/2012, the bridge moves out onto Route 316Making the turn onto Route 316The rear wheels making the turn onto Route 316Having successfully moved onto Route 316, the bridge heads down toward Monument LaneThe bridge sits partially on Monument Lane and partially on Route 316 on Saturday morning, 3/31/2012.  The crane crew is assembling the crane that will raise the bridge to it final resting place.Continuing to prep the craneThe crane is ready to left the bridge into place.The bridge begins to raiseThe bridge is in the airReady to spin the bridge into alienmentThe bridge is ready to be lowered.Almost setThe bridge is in placeRep. Pam Sawyer and others inspects the newly placed bridgeMany people checking out the bridge soon after its placingTime to dismantle the craneAll done4/1/20124/1/20124/1/2012
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