Andover Newsletter #11
sponsored by the Democratic Town Committee
May 4, 1944

To the Servicemen and Women of Andover, Greeting!

The temperature has been 86 degrees today, and buds burst out in great haste, making up for a lot of lost time.  Plowing and harrowing go on at a terrific pace, and many of the gardeners are on their knees with the seeds as soon as the harrows are off the piece.  The women are as ardent gardeners as are the men.  There will be plenty of canned goods (weather willing) on the shelves, come autumn.

Every Grange in the State has a memorial service for the men and women in service during the year, and Andover Grange will have its memorial service, conducted by Miss Anna Lindholm, on May 15, 1944.  All the servicemen and women are invited to send a note (even a postcard) to Miss Lindholm, whether they are Grange members or not.  She wants information on your location and occupation, and anything interesting you may have to add.

MM 1/C Frank A. Paro, Jr. celebrated his birthday on April 26, 1944, on Green Island, near Rabaul.  Mrs. Paro sends her best wishes for a happy birthday, and she hopes he will be home soon.

Corp. John Bausola, Jr. (Machine Gunner) is now on maneuvers in Kentucky.

The Congregational Church held its annual meeting on April 13 at the Town Hall.  The Ladies' Benevolent Society served the parish supper.  Mr. Charles Wright was reelected Deacon; Mrs. A.H. Benton was reelected Clerk and Treasurer of the Benevolent Fund; George Nelson reported for the Ecclesiastical Society.

A committee was appointed to study the Sunday School situation consisting of Mrs. Ann VanDeusen, Chairman, Mrs. Harry Erickson, Mrs. Donald Smith, Mrs. Howard Stanley, and Ellwood Hudson.  Mrs. VanDeusen is the new superintendent of the Sunday School.

Corp. Lawrence Moe met his brother, Pfc. Philip Moe, in London, recently.  Philip comes from Wisconsin, and this was the first meeting of the brothers in three years.

Carroll (Monk) Wright, MM 2/C is with the Acorn Training Unit at Huneme Port, California, teaching commissioned officers, drawing on his own experiences down in the South Pacific.

Major Bertram Wright is the Staff Officer in charge of personnel policies, directly under the command of General Hesketh, at Camp Stewart, Georgia.

Marine Charles Johnson is home on furlough from Paris Island, looking lean, brown, and healthy.

Emily Yeomans Barefield will return to Andover with her husband, Capt. M.D. Barefield and her infant son Howard Russell B., on May 11.

FLASH! FLASH!  Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bartlett have announced the engagement of their daughter Martha to Pvt. Lester Thompson of Columbia, brother of Mrs. Nathan B. Gatchell.  Lester is a holder of the Purple Heart, and he saw action in Rendova and Munda.  He was wounded at Munda.  He is now employed by the Associate Discount Corporation at Rochester.  He writes that he sees Walt Krozel often.

Aviation cadet Harry Bonkowski has completed 30 hours of flying.  He was supposed to have a test after 20 hours, but no one has found time to give it to him.  He is in hopes that a civilian flyer will check him, when they get around to it.  He is having a great time and really loves flying.

Either the citizens are being more careful or the weather has been damper, for the AFD has had far fewer calls for grass and forest fires than usual.

Co-editor John Phelps and Ted Watts were accepted by the Navy on April 28.

Ben San Giacomo, Scout Leader, took the Corsair Troop on an all-day outing Sunday.  They began the day with a special service at church, conducted by Dr. Tuthill, at eight o'clock.  Then they went to Hurd Park, East Haddam, where they took a three-hour hike, had a picnic lunch, and played games.  Benny hasn't been the same since, but the Scouts withstood the rigors of the trip quite well.

About thirty of the local friends of Andover's favorite son, Lewis W. Phelps, attended a testimonial dinner in his honor at the Shell Chateau on Monday evening.  The dinner was given by the Tolland County Democratic Association, and it was attended by about  280 people, who are interested in his campaign for the Democratic nomination for Governor.  Among the speakers were Former Governor Robert A. Hurley, and former Treasurer Guy B. Holt.  Mighty nice things were said about Mr. Phelps, and we are encouraged greatly by the interest shown in his behalf.

Cadet Nurse Betty Shepherd was home for a weekend recently.

Mrs. H.A. Lillquist visited Bill and Doris Dunnack and baby at Norfolk, Va., recently.

Nate Gatchell writes from the South Pacific:  "Ed Sheehan and I just read the Newsletter...We are...comfortable  Wish we could watch the trains go by."

Richard Yeomans found some of the enclosed postcards (postage free for the armed services) and has asked that we sent them along for your use.  We'd like to know of changed addresses, and any news from all of you.

Roscoe Talbot  has left the employ of the R.R.  and is now with the Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma City.

Pfc. William Dunnack writes from Norfolk Army Base that he expects to be home  about May 15, bringing Doris and the baby with him.  Although there are some grand beaches down there, he still thinks there's no place like Andover.

Pfc. Duane Faulkner sent us a night scene postcard from Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, and he says that he has been moving around so fast that the last few Newsletters have not caught up with him.

From Pvt.  L.A. Brown,  Jr. comes word that he is in the process of reorganization, and at present he is working in a sub-depot.  Bud says he likes it much better than regular line maintenance, because he now works on the entire airplane rather than on the engine only.  He would like to hear from Charlie Kukucka and Francis Schildge.

Merchant Marine Hi Schildge has been home on leave recently, getting a little rest from his activities patrolling the coast.

Corp. Charles Kukucka says there's nothing like a furlough to make you ready for another one right away.  He seems to have had a good time while he was home, and he isn't a bit enthusiastic about getting back on the job.

Good luck to all of you wherever you are!

Safe home!

Vera Cross Taylor and
John F. Phelps

Andover, Connecticut

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