Andover, Connecticut

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Andover, Connecticut Newsletter
Supplement to #7
January 28, 1944

To the Servicemen and Women of Andover, Greeting!

Perhaps some of you will ponder over a few of the names on our Honor Roll.  So, to guide you, we will try to tell briefly "Who's Who".

JOHN F. BAUSOLA, Jr. is the son of  Mr. and Mrs. John Bausola, Sr., who have resided at Andover Lake for the past few years.

LESLIE C. BILLINGS, is the husband of Frances Friedrich Billings.  They lived in Bartlett's little stone house that George Ladd built across the brook from the Bartletts, before Leslie entered the service.

HARRY BONKOWSKI and JOHN BONKOWSKI (whose  name appears as JOHN SPROUT), resided for several years on Hebron Avenue, with their parents.

PAUL E. BRAMHALL has resided with his mother for the past few years in the house formerly owned by the Case Fibre Co. and previously occupied by John Allen and family.

GEORGE J. BREEN is the husband of Thelma Parent Breen.  They resided at Andover Lake and at Newton's before George entered the armed forces.

LEWIS A. BROWN, Jr. is better known to most as "Bud".  He is a native of Andover, and resides with his parents on Long Hill Rd.

WILLIAM H. CHADWICK, Jr. lived at Andover Lake for more than a year before entering the service.  He and his family reside in the cottage next to Joe Carlson, formerly owned by N.C. Nielson of Hartford.

WALTER  CORNWELL made his home in Andover for some time, living first on the Henry Phelps farm, later occupied by Mr. and Mrs.,. Bogardus, and then he lived with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Savage.  His daughter, Jacqueline, is at present living with Mr. and Mrs. Spear on Long Hill, and she is attending  the Andover School.

WILLIS W. COVELL, better known as "Sonny", is the son of Town Clerk and Mrs. Ellsworth L. Covell.  He recently married Barbara Tedford.

CLIFTON E. DAVENPORT, Jr. makes his home with his parents, who reside on the place formerly owned by Allison L. Frink and his daughter, Mrs. Bessie Hilliard.  He recently married Betty Jean Harding of Portsmouth, N.J.

ROY E. DAVIS lived at Andover Lake and at the Frank Brown, Sr. house, opposite John Hutchinson's place.  Before entering the service, Roy ran a Western Auto Shop in Willimantic.

WILLIAM J. DAVIS lived in the Frank Brown, Sr. house.  Since he left for the service, his wife has been residing in Thompsonville.

EARL W., STEWART, and WILLIAM H. DOUGAN, Jr. are the sons of the late William H. Dougan, Sr., and Mrs. Dougan, who have made their home on the Carlson place, near "Monty" White's.

WILLIAM A. DUNNACK is the husband of Doris O'Grady Dunnack.  The Dunnacks made their home at Andover Lake before Bill entered the armed forces.  Doris is the daughter of Mrs. John Fagan of Andover Lake and a niece of Mrs. H.A. Lillquist, with whom she lived for several years.

RUSSELL T. FRIEDRICH, "Rusty" to you, is a native of Andover.  He resided with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Friedrich, on Hebron Avenue.  Rusty has recently been reported missing in action in the Pacific theatre.

C. MORTIMER FRIEDRICH (Morty), another native of Andover, is the son of one of our popular mail carriers, Mr. Charles A. Friedrich, Jr. and Mrs. Friedrich.

DUANE FAULKNER, son of Lionel Faulkner (who, at last reports was on active duty with the armed forces) has made his home with his grandmother, Mrs. Beatrice Faulkner.

NATHAN B. GATCHELL ("Nate") and EDWARD L. GATCHELL ("Bib") are the sons of Postmaster Helen O. Gatchell, with whom they make their home.  Nate was a teacher in the Manchester High School, and Bib spent several years in military service before the outbreak of World War II.

JOSEPH GASPER  is another native of Andover, who makes his home with his mother, Mrs. Rose Gasper of Hebron Avenue.  Before entering the service, Joe was engaged in construction service.

SOPHIA GRABOWSKI, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grabowski, enlisted in the WAC, but subsequently received a medical discharge.  She now makes her home in Manchester.

ROBERT ("Bob") and WILLARD K. GRENON ("Bill") are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Grenon, who now operate the service station formerly conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hendrick.  The spelling of these names on the Honor Roll has been corrected.

EDWARD HEIMER is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Heimer of Andover Lake.  He is a brother of Janet Heimer, whose engagement to Edward Jurovaty was recently announced.

ALBERT E. HEINZ is a brother of Mr. Herman Heinz, husband of Mrs. Dorothy Samuels Heinz.  Albert is the fiancee of Miss Eleanor Russ.  He made his home near Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Goodale at the time that he entered the service.

HENRY L. HILLIARD is the son of  Mrs. Bessie Hilliard.  Henry makes his home with his mother, who has built a small house near the old homestead, which was sold to the Davenports, as mentioned above.

MAXWELL HUTCHINSON, Jr. ("Buster") is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Hutchinson, Sr.  He makes his home at the Hutchinson farm at the west end of town.

WILLIAM W. JOHNSON was the son of the late Woolsey Johnson and Mrs. Katherine Johnson.  Mr. Johnson, a pilot, was killed in action in the European theatre about a year ago.  Mrs. Johnson resides on the west end of the Wales Road.

WALTER A. KROZEL is another native of Andover.  He is the son of the late Walter Krozel and Mrs. Katherine Krozel, who resided on the east end of the Andover Lake Road or West Street, as it is sometimes called.  Walter recently received a discharge on account of permanent disability received in line of duty in the European theatre.  He has resumed his work with the Socony Vacuum Oil Co., and makes his home with his wife and baby daughter in Rochester, N.Y.

JULIAN KRZEWSKI, whose marriage to Ruth Snyder Krzewski took place a short time before he entered the service, resided with his wife at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Benton on Woodward Hill.

GEORGE LACHANCE is a brother of Mrs. William Moran, who resides with her husband at the LaChance place.  This is on the Columbia line on the old highway leading to Willimantic.

GEORGE LUCIEN, and MAURICE LEVESQUE are the sons of Alfred H. Levesque, who built a home on the Willimantic Road beyond Ellsworth Mitten's residence.

EDWARD MERRITT is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Merritt.  Before entering the armed forces, Ed was engaged in the trucking business with his father.

WILLIAM  S. MERRITT ("Bill"), a cousin of Ed's, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Merritt.

LAWRENCE O. MOE is the husband of Alice Yeomans Moe.  He is a native of Wisconsin.  He and Alice make their home with Mrs. C.R. Yeomans at Andover Center.

FRANK W. NORRIS makes his home with Mrs. Annie Jurovaty.  His parents live in New York.

HERBERT PALMER ("Huck") is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Palmer of  North Street.  Herbert received a medical discharge after serving for seven months, and is now at home.

FRANK PARO, Jr. is the son of Mr. Frank Paro, Sr., who has made his home for some years on the New Boston Road.  Frank, Jr., purchased one of the homes erected east of Burnap Brook by Mr. Bodreau, and makes his home there with Mrs. Paro.

WALTER PARKS is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Parks, who purchased the farm formerly occupied by Don Tuttle.

EDWARD F. AND LAWRENCE D. ("Larry") SHEEHAN are the sons of Mrs. Frank Schatz.  Larry's recent marriage to Eleanore Covell was an outstanding social event in the community.

ALMA SMITH is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smith.  Alma is in the "Waves", and at present is in New York.

WALTER S. SMITH, Jr. is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Smith, Sr. of Andover Lake.  The Smiths established their home in a cottage on the east side of the lake about three years ago.

GEORGE TEDFORD is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tedford.  Mr. and Mrs. Tedford live in the property adjoining the west side of George Merritt's place.

L. EDWARD WHITCOMB is the son of Mr. and Mrs. L.B Whitcomb of Gilead Road, and the husband of Mrs. Ann Hathaway Whitcomb.  Since their marriage, Ed and Ann have built their own home on Gilead Road at the top of "Pine Hill".

GEORGE E. WILSON was the son of the Wilson family who resided in Andover, first on the Edgar Bass or A.E Frink place and later in the Janet Smith homestead.  George was killed in a blasting accident while on duty in Alaska.

IRENE WILLIS is now a nurse, serving overseas in the European Theatre.  She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Willis, who now reside in the tenement over Percy Cook's store.

BERTRAM C. and THEODORE C. WRIGHT ("Monk")  are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wright.  Before entering the service, Bertram was employed in the Labor Commissioner's office in Hartford, and Monk conducted a service station in Greenwich.

Since this photograph was taken, the names of Edward Jurovaty and Francis Schildge have been added to the Honor Roll.  Ed is the son of the late Anthony Jurovaty and Mrs. Jurovaty of the New Boston section of town, and a brother of Paul Jurovaty.

FRANCIS SCHILDGE is the husband of Verna Smith Schildge.  They make their home at the Bee Hive, and they have two small children.

There are also several boys now in the service, who grew up in Andover, but whose names are not in the Honor Roll, because they were not residing in the town of Andover when they were called to the colors.  Among these are George Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Brown and elder brother of "Bud"; Alex and Harry Fox, sons of Mrs. Dina Fox; Charles Michalik of Columbia, who attended school in Andover; Edward O'Grady, son of  Mrs. John Fagan, brother of Doris O'Grady Dunnack, and nephew of Mrs. H.A. Lillquist.

If you desire the present addresses of any of the boys or girls mentioned above, drop a note to ye editors or to John H. Yeomans of our mailing department.

Martha Bartlett, Photographer