Andover, Connecticut

Hislorical - Democratic Town Committee, WWII Newsletters
Andover, Connecticut Newsletter #6
sponsored by the Democratic Town Committee
December 3, 1943

To the Servicemen and Women of Andover, Greeting!

Although the Christmas season seems a long way off here, we realize that this will be a long while reaching you, and so; with all sincerity, we wish you, every one a very Merry Christmas!  You will be missed more than ever when the time of gay lights, bells, and packages arrives, yet most of us will try to keep Christmas as usual.  Plans are already afoot for the school plays at Town Hall and the Community Christmas Tree.  May you all be home by Christmas of 1944!  Every member of the Andover family will think of you again and again on the 25th, and we'll sing a carol for you.

FLASH!  Jean Shepherd Gasper gave birth to a six-pound, one ounce baby girl, named Joanne Elizabeth Gasper, at the Windham Memorial Hospital, on Monday, November 29, 1943.  Mother and daughter doing exceedingly well.  But--Andrew--oh my!  His Plymouth has become a P-47.  Needless to say, he has stopped all discussion of "Butch", and he thinks baby girls are swell.

FLASH!  Lewis W. Phelps made the front page of the Hartford Times Tuesday, November 30.  He has given his friends permission to seek for him the Democratic nomination  for Governor in 1944.

On November 23, 1943, the Andover Fire Department held one of the largest free entertainments ever put on by the citizens of the old home town, at the Fire House.  The cast and program are as follows:  Marie Elena, magician, of Hartford pulled various things from a hat, including a real live rabbit and a straight shot of first class whiskey.  The Harmony Twins (Muffy Bartlett and Frances Billings)  did a duet, and Franny also sang a solo and encore.  Smoky and Dusty (Thornton Griswold and Guy Bartlett) messed around all evening, getting into everyone's hair--particularly that of the M.C.  They told jokes on the townspeople--jokes which were taken in great good spirit.

Ellsworth Mitten blew it hot and long on his trumpet.  Don Tuttle sang a solo.  Ellwood Hudson rendered "Danny Boy" and Walter (Pop) Tedford came through with "I'll Take you Home Again, Kathleen".  Mrs. Ann Van Deusen gave out with "Say a Prayer for the Boys Over There".

The Hot Shot Quartet (Howard Spear, Ellwood Hudson, T. Griswold and G. Bartlett) did all right with "My Sweetheart's the Man in the Moon" and others on the sweet side.  E. Hudson and his sister, Mrs. Fay of Hartford, sang duets, and Mr. Fay played some piano solos.  Ruth Phelps accompanied most of the singers, and John was M.C.  The turkey raffle sent all the prizes out of town.  Hartford and Manchester ate well on the holiday, and I.B. Dunfield, supervisor of schools, carried off a turkey.  Refreshments were served, bounteously, by Assistant Chief George Nelson and his committee.

Julian M. Krzewski F 3/C, Co. 35, Sec. 2 N.T. School (Diesel) Richmond, Va. writes that he has plenty of everything but time.  Diesel Engine School keeps him very busy.  Although there was snow in Virginia, there was no holiday celebration there on November 11.

George Tedford sent a postcard picturing cocoanut palms, and he wants to say "Hello" to Ed Merritt.

Edward Merritt GM 3/c, Navy, 93 L.C.T. (5) 149, Fleet P.O. N.Y., N.Y.  Eddie writes that he has been in Sicily and Italy.  He is now back at his base, hoping to run into Lawrence Moe soon.

FLASH!  Buster Hutchinson married Ruth Olsen of Bellfonte, Pa. this afternoon--December 4, 1943--and we wish them all the luck in the world.  They will honeymoon in New York and spend a week at the home of Mrs. Bramhall.

T.E. Bramhall, S.F. 2/C, 97 C.B. Sec.2 D-3,Navy 221 c/o Fleet P.O., N.Y., N.Y. checked into a Red Cross Center in Scotland a while ago, and found that Bib Gatchell had just checked in at the same place.  Bud Bramhall has no use for the fog of the British Isles.

ENGAGED!  Gertrude Bausola and Stuart Prentiss of Manchester, according to an announcement by Mr. and Mrs. John Bausola.  John, Jr. is a corporal now, having skipped the Pfc rating on his way up.  He is stationed in Missouri.

Capt. Henry  D. Hilliard, o-411948, Hq. C.F. 8012, APO 877 -c/o P.M., Miami, Fla.  Congratulations on the promotion, Henry!  So your tennis is pretty good, eh?  That makes two of you--Monk and you--for the co-editor to take on when the war is over.  Henry finds his work very interesting, since he is Assistant Adjutant.  He says that if this were a paper war, we would have won it long ago.  He does a lot of deep sea fishing when he has the time.  He has been overseas sixteen months and hopes to be home before long.  To Henry, there's no place like the U.S.A., even with shoe rationing and no gas. 

Sergeant Stewart Dougan, 313-24825, Bttry A 516 F A Btn Camp Shelby, Miss. sends us this new address.  Congratulations on the new rank!  He finds his new home interesting and his associates quite different from those he has known before.  He is enjoying summery weather, but thinks there is no place like home. 

Corp. John Kukucka 6159148, Btry C 331st S.L. B.N. AA c/o AAATC, Fort Bliss, Texas.  John says he had a fine Thanksgiving Day, and he is looking forward with equal enthusiasm  to taking a crack at the enemy and coming home when it's all over.  This will be his fourth Christmas away from home.  How about dropping him a line?  He sends greetings to all the home folks.

Major Nate Gatchell writes from the South Pacific with a note of weariness with life in the jungles.  He was glad to have Eddie Sheehan arrive in his own unit.  Nate says Eddie is "a fine soldier, doing his job well and earning the respect of his associates".  That makes two from Andover on that particular island.  Both are in good health.  Nate, Monk Wright's address  is MM 2/C, USNR, 7th U.S. Naval Const. Batt. Co. A., c/o Fleet P.O. San Francisco.

John, Margaret,  and the Yeomans children spent Thanksgiving weekend with Walt Krozel in Syracuse, where he is back at his old job.  Walt is in good health, and he takes a plane up about once a week.  He has been up to his old tricks, and last week he had to make an emergency landing--out of gas.  He came down safely, and perhaps his family suffers greater consternation than he does in such instances.  His daughter is four months old now.

Francis Schildge of the Merchant Marine is home on leave.  We have had only a glimpse of him as yet, but he wrote a good letter last month, telling of the fast pace of his training.  He sounds contented through hurried.

Sonny Covell was home for Thanksgiving, and he has sent a new address:  Willis Covell ARN 2/C FAW 5, HQ. Squ. 5-2, Base Radio, c/o Fleet P.O. N.Y., N.Y.

Fireman 3/C Bill Merritt is at the Great Lakes Training Station.  We'd be mighty pleased to have a letter from you, Billy.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peckham have a new son, who is about three weeks old at this writing.

Charlie Kukucka, the faithful, sent another dandy letter from Newfoundland.  He has seen a picture of his brother  Andrew's bride, and he thinks she's pretty nice.  He'd like to hear from any of you boys who have time to write.

May you enjoy whatever holiday cheer there may be where you are, and know that we wish you were here.

Safe home!

Vera Cross Taylor and John Phelps Editors.