Andover, Connecticut Newsletter#5
sponsored by the Democratic Town Committee
November 3, 1943

To the Servicemen and Women of Andover, Greeting!

Halloween swept lightly through the old home town, and many of you men were missed, in a manner of speaking.  Could your absence account for the quiet which prevailed?

The PTA gave a party for the children, with Mrs. John Yeomans in charge.  The costumes judged the prettiest were worn by Bertha Jane Hutchinson, Gloria Pease, and Sandra Hansen.  The funniest costumes were worn by Earl West, Roger Parks, Herman Heinz and Owen Lathrop.  There were a few parties in the homes and some private ghosting, but little to disturb the peace that is Andover.

A clean warm rain goes diligently about refilling the ponds and brooks, but the wells, in most cases, fail to respond to the treatment as yet.  Patient neighbor issues a kind invitation to worried neighbor:  "Bring your laundry over here, and do it in my machine," or "Why don't you bring the children over for a bath tonight?"

There's a steady hum of activity, as the various organizations begin their year's programs.  The gasoline shortage is overcome by car-pooling, a good deal of hiking, and neighborhood committees.  The PTA, with Barbara Grant for president, Vera Cross Taylor, vice president, Helene MacNeill, secretary, and Harry Hansen, treasurer, is having its first program Mon. evening.  Program chairman Pat Pease has planned a panel discussion on international relations, headed by natives of Russia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and France, who now reside in Andover.

When the Board of Education reorganized last week, Rachel White declined to continue as chairman, and she was succeeded by Jimmy Mc Bride.  Ellsworth Covell was re-elected clerk of the Board.

Andover Grange has elected the following officers:  Master, Ann Van Deusen; overseer, Ivan West; lecturer, Beulah Griswold; secretary, E. Covell; steward, George Nelson;  tresasurer,Christine Covell; chaplain, Anna Lindholm; gate-keeper, Richard West; assistant steward, John Phelps; ceres, Marie Hudson; Pomona, Mildred Goodale; flora, Hazel Galipo; lady assistant steward, Jean Stanley; pianist, Ruth Phelps; executive committee, Lillian Hamilton.

Center School children are enthusiastically purchasing a jeep, having collected $1,095.20 in war bonds and stamps since the beginning of the school year.

The Andover Democratic Club has elected Jimmy McBride as president; Ramona Yeomans, vice-president; Clifton E. Davenport, Sr., secretary; Margaret Yeomans, treasurer.  The Club will be host to the Tolland County Democratic Association at a pot luck supper on November 9.  Hon. Leon RisCassi, minority leader of the State Senate, will be the principal speaker.

The Mothers' Club elected Virginia Brown, president; Ruth Phelps, vice-president; Gloria Schorse, secretary; and Caroline Mortlock, treasurer.  Their program will include the usual clinics and study in child care.

Chief Observer and Mrs. George Nelson will be guests of honor at a Town Hall party on Friday evening of this week, in recognition of the splendid work they have done on the long sky-watch since Pearl Harbor.

Eddie Jurovaty and Janet Heimer have announced their engagement.  Eddie leaves for the Navy on November 4, and some of the boys gave him a party at the Gasper Cabin last night.  The party was enlivened by liquid refreshments and sandwiches.

Private Bill Dunnack, M.P., has been home from Norfolk, Va. for eight days.  He didn't know Bill, Jr., who is now six months old, because he had grown so during the four months that Bill, Sr. has been away.

The news from Harry Bonkowski is all good.  He expects to start flying next week, and, although he was supposed to be at  Fenn College, Cleveland, for five months, he is going so fast that four more weeks will see him through.  Keep it up, Harry!  Your letter was a good one!

2nd Lt. Lucien E. Levesque, 679 E. Main Street, Spartanburg, So. Carolina, has sent us his new address (Camp Croft), so that you may write him there.

Wedding bells rang in Suffolk, Va., on October 21, 1943, for Andrew Kukucka and Grace Elizabeth Branch of Suffolk.  May you have a long life and a merry one together!

A poem, reminiscent of Kipling rhythm, has been sent to us by Mrs. Frank Paro.  A friend of Frank's wrote it, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we have:
          Somewhere in the South Pacific where a woman is never seen;
          Where the sky is never cloudy, and the grass is never green;
          Where the goony birds fuss nightly, robbing man of precious sleep;
          Where there isn't any whiskey, and but two cans of beer a week;
          Somewhere below the Equator, where the nights are made for love;
          Where the moon is like a searchlight, with the Southern Cross above;
          Where the stars twinkle from on high in the beautiful tropic night;
          "Tis a shameless waste of beauty, when there's  not a girl in sight.
          Somewhere in the South Pacific, where the mail is always late;
          Where the Christmas cards in April are considered up to date;
          Where we always have a payroll, but we never have a cent--
          Though we never miss the money, 'cause there's no place to get it spent.
          Somewhere in the Southern Ocean, where the goonies moan and cry;
          And the lumbering deep sea turtles come up on the beach and die--
          Oh, take me back to Frisco, the place I love so well,
          For this God-forsaken island is awfully close to H---.

Your honor roll has been erected on the lawn of the Andover Public Library.  Your names are there in navy blue and red on a white background, and we are all proud to pause there to read the roll.

Walter Cornwell has returned from service in the South Pacific.  After spending a few days here, visiting his daughter, Jacqueline, he left for a school in mine warfare in Yorktown, Va.

Lt. Walter Krozel has received a medical discharge, because of permanent injuries received in a plane crash somewhere in England.

Pvt. L.A. Brown, Jr., 395 T.S.S. Box 46-K, Keesler Field, Miss. A.S.N. 31378415 writes a jolly letter, with a mild complaint on the absence of single women in his vicinity.  Bud is still on the night shift, going to classes from 2 to 9 a.m., six days a week.  He is studying Mechanics' tools.  On the seventh day, he gets a pass to "the fair town of Biloxi".  Where can that be?  He is itching for action.

Andover's one and only Merchant Marine reports that everything is well with him so far.  We hope for more news from him later.  His address if Francis Schildge, A/S, Sec. 26B, U.S. Maritime Service Training Station, Hoffman Island, Staten Island, N.Y.

PFC Duane Faulkner, ASN (31325108) Btry "B", 365th F.A. Attn, APO 445, c/o Postmaster, Shreveport, La.  duane has been having a bout with coral snakes and scorpions, and finds the safest method of attack is to shake his clothes before dressing.  He spends most of his time at surveying and reconnaissance work, and would like to hear from some of the boys.

Charlie Michalik of Columbia, cousin of the Kukuckas, has been visiting friends in Andover, during a leave.

Corp. T/5 John Kukucka, who has returned from Panama after 3 years of service there is now at Camp Hulen, Texas, training for overseas duty.  While he was home on leave recently, he caught a wild calf for Paul Kralovich.  We are not just sure whether he managed that difficult feat with his shoes on or off.  We'd give a pretty penny for a sound-movie of Paul's tale of the chase.

A/S W.D. Parks (31378430) Squadron 110, Flight C., Sec. 3,aafcc--saacc, San Antonio, Texas.  Walter is now based at the San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center, having transferred there from Toledo University.  He says it was pretty soft at T.U., as he had no K.P. at all, but now that he is in Texas, he is having trouble with cactus in his pants.  Harry Bonkowski and Bud Brown, take note that the reason you have not received any letters from Walter is that he lost your addresses.

C. Charles Kukucka, 11072310, Btry "B"  421st CA A.A. Company (S.M.) A.P.O. #862 c/o Postmaster, N.Y.  The censorship boys are down so far as Charlie is concerned, for he told us in his last letter where he is.  Newfoundland.  Get out your geography books, boys, and see if you can find him.  "I'll trade places with any Gob, Leather Neck or Dough Boy" says Charlie.  "Well, one sure thing, I'll be glad to get away from here."  Speaking of the election, he wants to know where party workers got the gas to travel around town to bring in the voters.  It's a long story, Charlie.  He sounds a bit homesick when he speaks of Andover--"Hope this thing gets over, so we can all be able to see it again--not for 7 days or 10 days, but for as many days as we want."  Co-editor bet on the Cards, Charlie.

Lt. Joe Gasper is in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Willard Grenon, and Bill Merritt find life easier, now that they've finished boot training.  How's about a letter from you two? 

Clifton E. Davenport, Jr., is now on sea duty, as a special disbursement officer.

We send our deep sympathy to the Dugan boys, whose father, William Dugan, Sr. passed away recently.  The town has lost another valued resident recently in the death of Mrs. A.H. Newton.

We hope you are going to enjoy a grand Thanksgiving dinner, wherever you are.  We will be completely consoled for our own turkey shortage, if we hear that you have a feast that day.

Safe home!

Vera Cross Taylor & John F. Phelps

P.S.  Alice Yeomans Moe is footing the bill for extra postage, so that you who are overseas may receive this letter earlier.

Andover, Connecticut

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