Andover, Connecticut

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Andover, Connecticut Newsletter #4
sponsored by the Democratic Town Committee
October 8, 1943

To the Servicemen and Women of Andover, Greeting!

We waited for election results before ticking off the autumn letter.  The Republicans own the town again, and specific results will be found, along with minutes of the Town meeting, on another page.  Election day carried all the humor and excitement that always marks that important occasion.  The hills of the home town were adorned in their loveliest fall colors as workers from both parties drove about to bring in the voters.  There are two sure conclusions to be drawn from the day's acativities:  1.  There are few poker faces in Andover.  2.  The freedom of speech for which you are fighting is in no way curtailed on the home front.

The wells and brooks, ponds, and water holes are taking heart from a recent light rain, but the citizenry won't be entirely clean again until we get a week of rain.  These perfect days are being put to good use on the farms, and that low rumble you hear is caused by the potato harvest filling the big bins.

Co-editor Phelps is running around with a pocket full of letters with postmarks from far-flung places.  However, he is putting in so much overtime at Pratt &  Whitney, that I'm having difficulty in pinning him down for letter-writing.   He slept through some of the choicer portions of Town meeting the other night--a sure indication that Johnny is TIRED.

Probationer Betty Shepherd of the Cadet Nurse Corps spent her vacation at home, between a summer of classes at Bryn Mawr and training at the Massachusetts General Hospital.  She has two year's training ahead, six months of which will probably be spent in Army hospitals.  Betty looks very pretty in the required short haircut, worn in a soft halo.  Good luck in you new career, Elizabeth.

Small fry at the center have been entertained by the operation of a well-digger at the Bee Hive.

Harold and Mrs. Smith have had grand news of Alma, who is in training as a cook for the Army.  She is (whoops, I should have said Navy) Alma Marjorie Smith, S 2/c, U.S.N.R. (W) Bldg. C., Apt. B. 43-3.  N.S.N.T.S. (WR) Bronx, N.Y. (63) N.Y.  She has just been through a series of examinations in which she gave but one wrong answer.  She topped her class in all subjects.

T.C. Wright M.M. 2/c, U.S.N.R. 7th U.S. Naval const. Batt. Co. A. c/o Fleet P.O. San Francisco.  Mond says that if there is anything tough to do, the Sea Bees can do it.  He's in good health--playing ping-pong and tennis, and sees movies four nights a week.  When the war is over, we'll do a little work on the Church Tennis court and see how much good all that practice has done you.

Charlie Kukucka still leaves us in the dark as to his whereabouts.  He told us where he was but then he cut it out to save trouble for the censors.  See Want ads below.  He advises Percy Cook not to worry about a visit to his garden by Frank Chase's cows.   "Think how much more milk the cows will give now."  Present or recent furloughs:  Sonny Covell, now a 2nd Class Petty Officer, and well on the ladder to becoming an admiral.  Joe Gasper has just been home for ten days, and has reported back for transport duty.  Corp. Mort Friedrich is visiting all his friends, to show them that the Army is treating him right.  Corp. Johnny Kukucka stopped in to vote for Johnny Gasper on his way home from Panama, where he has been these many years.  He has twenty days on the home front coming to him.

We have a V-letter from Eddie Merritt, who shares the newsletter with his shipmates on the  Mediterranean front.  He wants to know whether Charlie Kukucka is in Africa.  See censored info above, Eddie.

Lt. Irene Willis "somewhere in Africa" reports a fine job in a light, airy hospital (formerly a girl's school taken over by the government).  She'd like to see more of the Dark Continent when the big show is over.

Pvt. Leslie Billings, 31342369, A.P.O. 7185 c/o Postmaster, New York, N.Y., says, emphatically that he misses Frannie.  Fried chicken, steaks, etc. are giving him added weight, and a sense of well-being.

Major Nathan Gatchell writes vividly of his travels through Guadacanal, New Caledonia, New Zealand, The Russell Islands, Munda on New Georgia, Rendova, Barabuni and Roviana.  Many of those places have lost their charms through the assaults of the Japs, but there is still vast space and unspoiled splendor to report.  On September 3, he had made his first military flight over water.  Yes, Nate, we're trying to keep Andover like Andover till you and the others come home.  There are new people, many of whom find their place in the community life immediately.  School goes on with the three R's as usual, with the annual fair and pet show being the main fall event.  We have a splendid staff of teachers, and feel ourselves especially fortunate in this respect, inasmuch as there is an acute shortage of teachers in our fair state.  Nate, the Taylors would like to know if you ever see Leo Duffy, and how is he?  The boys back home are also prone to reminiscence on pranks of yesteryear.  There ought to be one grand reunion when the fuss has died down.

Able Seaman Willard Grenon left for the Navy about a month ago.  His brother, Bob, is a Corporal, stationed at MacDill Field, Florida.  Let's hear from you, so that we can pass the news on in the next letter.

Machinist E.A. Angell, 1352-A So. Beretonia St., Honolulu 46, Hawaii, is doing well on his job.  Clarence Savage is also there, and perhaps they get together to talk of the old home town.  Clarence and Tee are now married.  Their telegram home read:  "Just married.  Terribly happy."  Best wishes for years and years of the same condition.

E. Buell's plug mill  in Gilead burned to the ground recently with the competent assistance of the Andover Fire Department.  AFD got no public credit for their deeds, however, as the papers reported that both of Hebron's Fire Departments responded to the call.

Walter Krozel phoned Margaret from Ohio on election day.  The problem of whether to give him a medical discharge as a case for study by the medical corps or to return him to the Air Corps is pending.  His wife and baby are with him in Ohio.

Paul Kralovich is combing the woods and tearing his hair in a mad chase after a wild calf.  It eludes all traps and persuasion.  Maybe you boys can come home and help.

Don't forget to let us know of changes in address or promotion.

Safe home!

Vera Cross Taylor and John Phelp

          by Monk Wright, a jewel saw
          by Nate Gatchell, one three-cornered file.
          by Charlie Kukucka, one good looking WAC