Andover, Connecticut

Data from the Ct. Department of Economic and Community Developement - Demographics, Econonics, Education, Government, Housing, Labor Force, and Quality of Life - Click

Cemeteries / Grave Sites - Center Cemetery (inactive), Congregational Church Cemetery (inactive), Townsend Road Cemetery (active), Grave on Boston Hill Road, Post Family Cemetery (private)

Parks / Recreational Areas - Vetern Memorial Park (town - baseball, softball, soccer, and football), Doris Chamberlin Nature area (picnicing, skating walking), Bishop's Swamp (state - boating and fishing), Nathan Hale State Forest, Railway Linear Park (state)

Schools - Elementary (town - k-6), RHAM Middle School (district - 7-8), RHAM High School (district - 9-12)

Churches - First Congregational Church - UCC

Garbage - Town operated Transfer Station, Pick-up by private contractor

Youth Sports - Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Football (district), Basketball

Scouts - Boy Scouts (Pack 124 - Tiger -   ), Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts (daisies - )
Andover Elementary School